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Broadband project

Superfast Broadband April 2018 Update


Here is an update supplied by the e-Sussex Broadband team to Parish Councils on progress with Phase 2 rollout of faster broadband in East Sussex.


A roll-out table is attached which provides further deployment detail, and includes postcodes in the County that have been covered by the phase 2 upgrades. The table and other information is also available on the project website:


Please note that connection is not automatic. Customers will need to contact the Internet Service Provider of their choice to arrange a new broadband package.


As part of ongoing deployment, the Team welcomes the advice of Councillors, business organisations and Parish Councillors as to business parks that are believed not to have access already to superfast broadband. Information will be matched against the teamís own research. It would greatly assist if information could be provided about the name of the business park and, if possible, its postcode. Please send to


Faster Broadband is now available in most of Kingston for all homes connected to Cabinet 17.


Some homes have not yet able to receive the new speeds. These are at the east end of Wellgreen Lane and on Kingston Road and connect to Cabinet 7.


If you need to check to which cabinet you are connected, use this website - .