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Kingston Village Action Group

The Steering Group was originally set up by Kingston Parish Council in response to a government initiative which required local authorities to draw up action plans which reflected the needs and aspirations of the communities they served. The Steering Group operates independently of the Parish Council but works closely with it.


The first Kingston Action Plan was published in 2007 after extensive consultation with Kingston residents. It was updated in and republished in 2011 and copies distributed to all households. A further questionnaire was carried out in 2013 and priorities identified for action by Kingston Parish Council and by the working groups set by the Action Plan Steering Group.


The Steering Group represents the voices and views of the people of Kingston which it conveys to the Parish Council. Two members of the Parish Council are members of the Steering Group the rest are not elected but are those who are concerned to protect and enhance the village.



Recent work


A working party has negotiated successfully with East Sussex Highways to improve the footpath leading from the railway bridge to Ashcombe Hollow and to allow for a safer crossing to the bus stop on the A27.


We are working with KPC and our district councillor Vic Ient and the school to try and solve the problem of congestion at the school at the beginning and end of the school day.


A working party regularly clears litter in the village and cares for green areas, footpaths and verges.


A huge number of bulbs have been planted by volunteers, also fruit trees.


We have monitored the use of the cycle path into Lewes and campaigned for it to be vehicle free and designated as a bridle way from the Stanley Turner Ground to the Southdown Club.



We are always pleased to receive suggestions from residents and we also would welcome offers of help. Please contact a member of the Steering Group whose contact details are below.






In addition two representatives of Kingston Parish Council Fiona Harrison and Tony Wheeler are part of our group.